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Fall 2019 YTT
Girish - An Evening of Kirtan

The Secrets of Arcane Kingdom

The Secrets of Arcane Kingdom

Journey to a Hidden World to Find Truth

When her father died, she remained strong. When she became estranged from her friends, she fell quiet. But when she discovered the miraculous inventions of George Stephen Finch, she was finally set free…

Bella is often lonely and chooses to spend her time absorbed in her love of science. Yet a summer visit to the Invention Convention turns out to be far more than it seems. With the help of a new friend, Jake, she finds herself peering behind the curtain of a world that she could have never imagined.

With her determination, curiosity and smarts, Bella discovers wildly ambitious technology, malicious intruders and secrets that might just get her killed. In fact, she makes a discovery that may just change the world.

When the locals appear distant and unusual, and everyday objects seem capable of the extraordinary, Bella knows that she is starting to unpick a mystery that a whole town has been protecting for far too long.

And with those secrets now threatened, those that have remained hidden in the shadows of the place they call the Arcane Kingdom will stop at nothing to shield the only world they have ever known.

Can Bella outsmart them all, save herself and avoid disaster?


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