Fall 2019 YTT
Girish - An Evening of Kirtan

The Secrets of Arcane Kingdom


"The rewards of this practice are limitless, depending only on your level of commitment and participation." 


Why Practice?

Practice is the key to healing. Yoga practice is first and foremost a commitment that you are making to yourself. It is a commitment that your health & healing are just as important as all the other things on your to do list. Yoga works when we understand & accept this as a key component to balanced living. Practice also teaches us to become an observer while simultaneously exposing our role in the power of choice. It maintains a certain level of mental clarity that aides better decision making. 

Skillfully constructed & consistent Yoga practice shows us what is working & what is not. Karen’s specialty is meeting you at that moment of conscious choosing. It is with the utmost respect for lineage & her teachers that Karen communicates & shares the traditional teachings & philosophy of Yoga while allowing room for its natural evolution to continue. Lending over 15 years of experience & knowledge, Karen can help you cultivate the courage to venture into your journey. 

Hatha Yoga utilizes physical postures (Asanas) & cleansing techniques as a way to release tension in the body to cultivate healing, mental clarity & proper energetic flow. This prepares the body & mind for the more subtle stages of Yoga such as Mantra recitation, deep contemplation & meditation which can lead to Self-realization. The Eight-limbs of Patanjali Yoga also move from gross to subtle. Karen Weber-Manz E-RYT 500 offers group & private Yoga classes with this goal in mind. Without the higher aims of Yoga, the practice is one-dimensional & the suffering continues. We are only limited by our level of commitment & effort.

Group Classes
Group classes are a wonderful way to share the Yoga experience & connect with people who share similar interests (Sanga). A group class will lead you through a practice that may include breathing techniques (Pranayama), physical postures (Asana), concentration (Dharana), meditation (Dhyana), chanting (Mantra), cleansing techniques (Kriya) & complete relaxation (Savasana & Yoga Nidra). A group class will typically have a variety of students with different levels of experience. The class description should indicate the level of instruction but a good instructor will be able to accommodate the various levels through the use of props & verbal options.

Private Yoga
Private Yoga instruction is one of the best ways to enhance your Yoga practice. The nature of a private Yoga session is total focus on you & your personal needs. We all come from different backgrounds & experiences that have influenced who we are today. These experiences can reside in our physical posture in the form of tension, in our mind as resistance & in our emotioal body as energetic blocks. In a private Yoga session we will look at your general physical & mental well-being as understood through basic Ayurvedic analysis. We will then tailor your session to fit your needs.

Whichever path you choose will enhance your well-being. Improving your posture & gaining mental clarity are the stepping-stones to a happier, healthier life. Healing in the world begins by healing ourselves.